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Wer Ist Walter?

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Who is Walter? Our project is a journey which we will spend together until summer 2024 in order to discover, explore and present different dimensions of the history and the memories of the resistance to Nazism and NS-occupation in Europe. Walter is one of these stories, known (at least superficially) to many in the post-Yugoslav space but totally unknown to most in other European countries, and many other stories on resistance in Europe share a similar fate.

In order to accompany our work and make our project known to a larger public, we have established a website and several social media channels.  If you want to find out more, about our workshops, conferences and other activities, about our ongoing research, about stories of resistance to Nazism and NS-occupation in different European countries, follow us as we delve deeper into the project and the topic week by week!

On our social media channels, you will find regular updates and can follow all the developments of the project “Wer ist Walter? Resistance against Nazism in Europe”, including the latest news about our workshops, conferences, research and other activities. You can learn more about who Walter is as we go along…

Join us and our Expert Team on the trail of Walter!

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